MARCH 9-11, 2018
8:00 PM
Centene Center for the Arts, Fourth Floor Ballroom
3547 Olive St, St. Louis 63103
Tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets.

To kick off its Season of Entrapment, SATE will present a showcase of original material through its second annual Aphra Behn Emerging Artists Festival. This years festival will consist of four new plays written and directed by promising female artists. The festival is named after Aphra Behn, the British playwright, poet, translator and fiction writer from the Restoration era. As one of the first English women to earn her living by her writing, Aphra Behn broke cultural barriers and served as a literary role model for later generations of women authors.

by Lana Dvorak
directed by Lex Ronan
performed bt : Rachel Hanks
The Accident of Sex is a one woman show that imagines Amelia Earhart on a deserted island after crash-landing while making her famous 1937 round-the-world flight, during which she disappeared. Using spoken word, monologues, sound, and silence, the audience is taken on a journey that explores Amelias innermost longings, heartaches, and secrets that made up who she was. Time and order cease to exist but the audience is invited to explore the metronome that keeps Amelias heart beating.

by Madelyn Boyne
directed by Grace Langford
performance ensemble: Marissa Grice, Carl Overly, Jr., Sophie Powell
A new father and his old friend hang out in a bar after a long absence. When the outing turns into one dudes shocking pickup attempt, his friend tries to intervene.

by Mollie Jeanette Amburgey
directed by Margaret Christie
performed by: Rachel Bailey
A one-woman show about a character on her own philosophical quest to discover her purpose and her meaning in life.

by Amanda Wales
directed by Katy Keating
performance ensemble: Alicen Moser, Carl Overly, Jr., Elizabeth Van Pelt
A comedic and absurd look into what it feels like to try to live up to the contradictory 'standards' of being a woman in 2018. Olivia and Jessica are two young women trying to spend a night in their apartment when they are thrust into the middle of an audience and forced to perform on a game show they want nothing to do with.

The production stage manager for the Aphra Behn Emerging Artists Festival is Kristin Rion. Lighting design by Elizabeth Lund and costumes by Liz Henning.

SATE's Aphra Behn Emerging Artists Festival is made possible by funding from Missouri Arts Council, Siteman Family Foundation, and the Steve Nelson Memorial Playwright's Fund.

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