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Murder! Deception! Vengeance! Ghosts!


Join Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble’s reading of the spookiest bits of Hamlet ’round the campfire. And no fire-side spine-tingling tale would be complete without hot dogs and s’mores.


SHAKE 38 draws upon the creativity of the city and puts it on display in every neighborhood.


All of Shakespeare’s 38 plays are performed by 38 different groups in a variety of neighborhoods and locations. From performances on rooftops to bars to coffee shops to street corners, only one rule exists: Make the play happen any way you see fit. The performances have included work by actors, visual artists, musicians, dancers, sculptors, and even chefs!


Shake 38 2014 marks SATE's fifth year of collaboration with Shakespeare Festival St. Louis and this unique, region-wide, marathon event.


Email [email protected] for more information.

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Check out more Shake38 events on Shakespeare Festival-St. Louis' website.

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