SATE training includes the exploration of many theatrical disciplines, theories, techniques and practices, but at the core of SATE training is the ongoing practice of SUZUKI, a Japanese actor training method, developed by Tadashi Suzuki, Artistic Director of Suzuki Company of Toga and VIEWPOINTS, a philosophy and technique for training actors, devising works and building an ensemble, developed by Anne Bogart, Artistic Director of The SITI Company inspired by Mary Overlie's "Six Viewpoints" of modern dance.
In addition to SATE's ongoing practice of Suzuki and Viewpoints, the company also studies other actor training methods and traditions, including: improvisation, clowning, stage combat, Meisner, dropping-in, Linklater, Yoga, Alexander technique, contact improv, and Pilobolus-inspired dance, just to name a few.
SATE is open to theatre artists of all capabilities and expertise. It is SATE's nature to be inclusive of all artists who share SATE's common dedication to the ongoing fine-tuning of our collective instrument: ourselves.

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