SATE's artists are available to lead workshops based on our ensemble training techniques.


Using ensemble-building techniques from modern dance and theatre, the artists of Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble will teach and demonstrate how physical theatre can be used for more than creating art. The techniques can be applied to team-building exercises in your office for Professional Development. The workshop will combine elements learned from Mary Overlie/Anne Bogart/Tina Landeau’s Viewpoints, Tadashi Suzuki’s movement methods, 500 Clown, and contact improvisational dance.

This workshop has been used by Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble to create new theatre work, by students at MICDS to explore physical theatre techniques, at the St. Lou Fringe, and administrators at University City Children’s Center to demonstrate working relationships.

For more information and to book your workshop, please contact
Rachel Tibbetts or Ellie Schwetye